For 8 years, Fredian's work has been a look at characters from the imagination of pop culture. His pictorial work using oil painting proposes a syntax that integrates the neoclassical baroque codes to transpose them into our daily lives and iconic images. The representations of divine or chivalrous characters of the past now give way to the heroes of our time that our postmodern thinking has already integrated: at "hyper" time, super heroes!

Recall that Fredian's brushes have their source in the fabulous designs of Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko and Jim Lee, through Neal Adams and John Byrne. His paintings thus condense a fictional narrative with assured codes and assumed in an expression that shows them in a day both obvious and unexpected.

The exaggerated or stylized features that characterize these characters usually give way to a representation that makes them take on a new consistency. The effects of movement are put aside to bring them to a fixity that makes them gain a foothold in our reality in a new and deeply striking way.

Fredian's artistic approach is therefore definitely that of a bet: that of transposing these extraordinary figures into reality through his painting while preserving their majestic singularity. His paintings thus abolish the border between reality and fiction, important these characters out of the ordinary to bring them to face us. And by a strange inversion, it is these characters who seem to contemplate and observe us, thus demonstrating that what constitutes them and represents them speaks of us and of our contemporary humanity. This reciprocity of vision thus establishes an immediate link between the spectator and the painting, resulting in a subtle but necessary re-enchantment of the world.

Anthony HUARD